Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Irony, The Truth, the March for Life

Sometimes people ask why this blog is named The Ironic Catholic. Irony doesn't mean sarcasm, or at least, doesn't have to mean sarcasm. Sometimes its humorous, other times not.  It means pointing out incongruity in service to truth. And sakes alive, does this video do that in spades.

Let me be clear: I think President Obama's speech was a brilliant speech and everything quoted should be taken to heart in memory of the children of Sandy Hook. Period. But this effectively points out--why stop there? There are other children we are called to protect too, other families who don't deserve this pain.  When do we rise up and say all children, all human beings, deserve to be protected and loved?

And maybe, maybe, there is a little bit of hope that we aren't as far apart as we seem sometimes. If you can make a speech like that, its only a very logical hop over to embracing many pro-life arguments.  Please, God?


UPDATE: Speaking of pointing out incongruity, an abortion rights coalition came up with this utterly, completely, sickeningly bizarre ad: Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby. I kind of like seeing this movement do itself in like this. 


Polly Dactyly said...

I think that maybe the accepted Catholic view on abortion may be a little simplistic. The horrifying truth is that healthy, white babies are in high demand while babies of color and babies with disabilities sometimes spend years (even their entire childhood) in foster care and institutions. I know, I sound like a racist eugenicist liberal heathen monster (let's be honest; I don't like my view any more than you do). Foster care is not an environment that is conducive to healthy development. Typically, a child in foster care is shuttled from "home" to "home" at least every two years, often more. Many children raised in foster care are traumatized and some develop Reactive Attachment Disorder, the symptoms of which range from minor disobedience and compulsive lying to KILLING ANIMALS AND PEOPLE. I am not exaggerating. Does this mean I think abortion is the best possible option for marginalized groups? Absolutely NOT. The system is badly in need of reform. Women need more options and children need better care from the state. If I were to have an "unwanted" pregnancy, I would do my very best to raise the child myself or find an appropriate home for her/him. The truth is that unwanted pregnancy is a tragic situation and a woman should be able to make the decision that she feels is best for her and her family. No one ever wants an abortion. No one is ever overjoyed at the idea of carrying a baby for nine months and leaving the hospital empty handed. Most people are not thrilled at the prospect of raising a child without support. This is a very complex issue and I do not think there are not any easy answers... It is best, I think, to reserve judgment.

Sources: My mother is a child psychiatrist who works exclusively with disadvantaged populations and foster kids. I have many foster care/RAD horror stories. An example: a four year old boy who set his one-year-old brother on fire. Tragically, the baby did not survive. This is more common than we would like to think. Things like this are never the child's fault. The responsibility lies solely with a corrupt and uncaring system.

In spite of this knowledge, I hope to become a foster parent someday.
I do not encourage abortion, but I cannot judge someone who has had one. Think for a moment of the 10 year old girl in Argentina who became pregnant after her stepfather raped her. I cannot imagine any argument that could possibly convince a rational human being that a little girl should be forced to carry a baby.

I apologize if this seems a bit scatter-brained...I am somewhat sleep deprived.

The Ironic Catholic said...

The problems with foster care do not justify abortion. We are big enough as a human race to deal with multiple problems at once...if we have the will to.

cminor said...

Re the case she references, IC, as I recall the child was subjected to a chemical abortion at 21 weeks gestation, forcing her to go through hours of painful labor. Hardly a kindness. I believe her birth father stepped in to prevent this treatment and was rebuffed by the hospital and politicians who chose to exploit her as a test case.

Very young mothers are extremely common in Brazil, and OBs there are experienced in safe delivery of their babies.