Monday, February 11, 2013

Cool things to give up for Lent, 2013

In our annual "Beyond Chocolate!" help to the masses of Catholics seeking fasting ideas for Lent, we present: cool/odd/weird/oh-really/hmm-this-could-actually-work things to give up for Lent 2013.
  1. Throw rugs.
  2. Slippers.
  3. Email.  You can read them, but communications out need to be in person or by interoffice/U.S. Mail.
  4. Showers.  (Stay clean, just take baths instead.)
  5. Late masses--that is, go to an earlier mass for the six Sundays.
  6. Haircuts.  This includes beard trims.  Could include shaving legs.
  7. The BBC (refers to the news, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, or all three)
  8. Lip balm (unless prescribed by a doctor)
  9. Fire (this includes fireplaces, candles, smoking, eating anything "flambe").  Think of how meaningful the lighting of the Easter Candle will be after this.
  10. Bed sheets.  Sleeping bag is acceptable, if you are cold.

Even more ideas through the years--found here.

UPDATE: What, what, what?  We're giving up Pope Benedict for Lent?


angelmeg said...

Give up BBC when the season ender of Downton Abbey is only a week away? Are you crazya.

Ashley said...

Re: #3... It's too easy to give up Doctor Who for Lent. New episodes don't even air until the Easter Vigil.

That's almost like... cheating!
*le gasp!*