Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fun Stuff Tuesday

1. www.FantasyConclave.com .  Indeed, the new evangelization + social media has come to this.  It's basically an educational free online raffle with the possibility of winning some gift certificates/cash at the end if you guess correctly who will be elected Pope.  Hey, I'm in.  And I "selected" Crd. Turkson (I do think he has a good chance of it) but I'm not telling how long the conclave will be or his Papal name. 

2. Amazingly, I have over 1000 followers on Twitter as of this week (another Tweaton told me!  Honestly, I don't keep track).  Clearly there are about 1000 misguided (albeit lovable) tweatons out there.  Thanks for your support, folks.  This calls for a celebration.  Any thoughts?


Enough.  I'm flooded with midterms.  Blub blub.  Back to the IC soon.


Fran said...

That graphic is so rich, love it! Handbells - hee hee! Good wishes, from one who follows you in many ways, which sounds a bit more stalkerish-creepy than I would like!

Jason said...

My way of picking the right Cardinal for Pope would be to Google each one, and the one with the least amount know about them will probably be Pope. (It would have worked for JPII if they had Google then).

Michael Marchand said...

Thanks for the FantasyConclave.com shoutout!

And the handbells...awesome.