Monday, November 25, 2013

A Fudgey Review, or Skip the Black Friday crowds and BUY MORE FUDGE!

Yes, this is me: IC, SIC (spouse of the Ironic Catholic) and Chics (Children of the Ironic Catholic), test tasting Renee's fudge. She's selling it as a fundraiser to go adopt four children with CP from Alex's home country (folks, that is one expensive adoption process--but Renee and her husband truly have a heart and gift for working with this kids. This is worth it!).

This fudge is seriously decadent and for a great cause. Go order some here!

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Noelle Myers said...

I was hoping to go and order some fudge or catch up with this blog - as I was following it for a while...suddenly I find You must have permission to view the blog...Can you either ask her to add me, so I can read and pray..or give me her email addy so I can ask her? I would greatly appreciate it.