Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It Did Not Come Upon A Midnight Clear: More Horrid Nativity Sets, with commentary


Also, somewhere, there is a Doggie Last Supper where Judas in clearly rabid.

And then an angel appeared, pronouncing: "DO NOT. DROWN. THE SON. OF GOD."
Didn't Mary and Joseph get that video in the hospital, "Do not shake the baby!"?

This also substitutes as a lovely bocce set.  Oh wait, I think it is one.
Calling the Walker Art Museum!

The kicker is there is a wind-up music box in the back playing "Feliz Navidad."

All of them (sob) found here.


Allen's Brain said...

Really? They used a French poodle with a crook instead of a German shepherd?

Panda Rosa said...

Well, the old joke that "dog" spelled backwards...
And what better typifies fully-giving unconditional love than a dog?

cminor said...

Felix Navidad? Christmas in Killarney didn't occur to them?