Monday, January 06, 2014

The Hidden Benefits of Reducing Monsignors in the Church

A live Monsignor! Photo credit.
Apparently Pope Francis is saying that priests should not be awarded the title Monsignor until at least age 65, and then for meritorious service to the Church.  If you are a young Monsignor now, you remain one.  This may be connected to Francis' argument against careerism in the clergy, but even that is not clear.  Some people are applauding this move and others have every single feather ruffled.  Me?  Welllll--

I just think we should consider hidden benefits of fewer monsignors:

  1. You know those old dictionary lists of commonly misspelled words?  I think Monsignor is #1.  Better spelling for the masses!  (Yeah, I said it that way on purpose. Hee haw.)
  2. Plural: monsignori .  Oh yeah.  That is MENSA worthy vocab, people.  We're not that smart.
  3. The abbreviations are even worse, different in every language.  Basta!
  4. More purple dye for everyone else!  8 yr old girls rejoice!
  5. Less likely to mix up your biretta from the STL and the Monsignor's biretta.  Such a faux pas.
  6. Monsignor=MiLord.  I'm no Marxist but that still feels pretty much like the people of God=the proletariat to me.  Or Downton Abbey.
  7. The truth is out: they're running out of unique coats of arms.
  8. No Monsignori saints.  'Nuff said.
  9. It's -20 out there today.  Take the stockpiled silk capes, and cut and sew them into long underwear.  Really, it's how you survive here in Minnesota.  Lemonade out of lemons and all....
  10. You really want to see more purple?  Foster an interior spiritual thirst for advent and lent.

I mean no offense to current Monsignors; each one I know personally is a very good man.  And if I got something wrong here, feel free to correct me for the record, but remember that this is an issue about which I care less than half a cent in Mexico. I really don't get into this stuff.


knittypig said...

Pope Francis is talking about Monsignors who are diocesan priests. They wear a black cassock and beretta. The only Monsignors who wear purple are the cardinals who have that role in the college of cardinals. The college of cardinals have ranks, from deacon and Monsignor, etc. depending on what tasks their office requires. This was talked about on EWTN frequently last year during the conclave which elected Pope Francis. And yes, it actually matters.

Will Linden said...

Possibly, they are running out of "coats of arms" which bear some resemblance to decent heraldry. That has never stopped the hierarchy, who have no taste in such matters, and wouldn't know real heraldry if they fell over it.

Cminor said...

Funny. I keep a copy of 20,000 Words (1952 ed.) over the computer. Monsignor is there. So is monseigneur. Thought I'd throw that out there.

Mary O'Regan said...

Dear Susan, Greetings from Great Britain. I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Well done! Keep up the great, bright and good blogging.

Lots of Love,