Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Catholic Worker Pick Up Lines

Also known as the post wherein I create too small a humor niche.  If you have no idea what the Catholic Worker is, google it: founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in the early 20th century, assorted lay people take informal vows of poverty to create houses of hospitality for the homeless and engage in education and civil disobedience for social justice as needed.  But, niche or not, here we go:

  1. I'd love to go out with you for dinner.  Do you prefer dumpster-diving at the organic local foods fair trade coffee and sandwich shop or at the Five Star Corporate Steakhouse, where we can protest wait staff wages?
  2. You know, the Long Loneliness could end here tonight.
  3. Would you like a roundtable for two?
  4. Would you accept these lovingly grown no pesticide flowers in a pot and promise to compost them later?
  5. Just because Peter and Dorothy had a Platonic relationship doesn't mean we would have to.
  6. So.  Let's blow this Popsicle joint and create a new community together!
  7. We can live for today because jail is my retirement plan, anyway.
  8. Hey, I've heard "Joe the Homeless Guy everyone knows in town" cuss you out, too!  We have so much in common.
  9. I'll bet you make an awesome donated vegetable soup.
  10. Do you wash dishes?  You do?  Want to move in?

UPDATE: From another blog: Catholic Social Teaching pick up lines.

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Organic Grower said...

I met my wife of 12 years at a cw house.