Friday, March 14, 2014

Donut Philosophy and Theology

After mass fellowship will never look the same.  Got this from facebook, happy to give credit to whomever first snapped this....

Of course, we can add on!
  • Pope Francis: Donuts bring joy.  Let us share the donut.
  • Pope Benedict XVI:  I'm finishing my donut early.
  • Pope John Paul II: Let us begin our pontificate with audiences on the Theology of the Donut.
  • Flannery O'Connor: That donut was destroyed by a one legged spitoon of a man named "Glory."
  • Rahner: We must authenticate the donut.
  • von Balthasar: May we hope that all eat donuts?
  • Fr. Barron: Let me explain the historical deliciousness of the donut.  With video.  And books behind my back.
  • Matthew Kelly: Obtain the best version of the donut you can find.
  • Fulton Sheen: Life is worth living. So have a donut.
  • St. John of the Cross: In lent, we often choose to embrace the dark night of the donutless.
  • Augustine:  Lady Continence than offered me a donut, and it was holey and good.
  • Thomas Aquinas: After consuming the donut, all I have written is straw.
Anyone else?


LarryD said...

St Francis: "Preach the Gospel always; when necessary, use donuts."

St Teresa of Avila: "Seek ye the interior donuts."

Sr Patricia: "We are all one in the Cosmic Donutness of Harmonic Convergence."

St Therese of Lisieux: "Do small things with great donuts."

Lisa said...

Saint Francis: No donut, thank you. I'm fasting

Viterbo Fangirl said...

Teresa of Avila: As you progress in your spiritual journey, you will encounter different types of donuts.

Therese of Lisieux: Anyone can achieve donuts just by dedicating every moment in their life to God!

Mother Teresa: By giving donuts to the least fortunate, we are giving donuts to Jesus!

Katie O'Keefe said...

Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton: All the children deserve donuts.
Mother Katharine Drexel: We must make sure that all the Blacks and Indians receive their donuts, too.

JOB said...

Of course we can't forget...

Donatus Magnus: Only those of us without sin deserve one of these things they clearly named after me....

Cathy said...

St. John Paul II: Donut be afraid!

St. John XXIII: See everything, overlook a great deal, correct a little, then share a box of donuts...

Howard said...

Gödel: All donuts are either incomplete (because they have holes) or inconsistent (because donuts should have holes)

Patrick Henry: Give me a donut, or give me death!

Nathan Hale: I regret that I have but one donut to dunk in my coffee.

Macbeth: Is this a donut which I see before me?

Juliet: What's in a name? that which we call a donut
By any other name would taste as sweet.

JFK: Ich bin ein Berliner.

Richard Titone said...

scott Hahn.."i used to be anti-donut, but after I dunked in the Tiber, I'm now an apologists for donuts!"