Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing the Ironic Catholic Roaming Correspondent, Regina Hiney!

Drum roll please!
Regina is funnier than this ecard.

I am very happy to introduce Regina Hiney as "roaming correspondent" to the IC blog!  If you encourage her, maybe she'll contribute on a regular basis.  The deal was sealed when we mutually realized we have degrees from the same university.  Who knew sleepy Fredericksburg, VA and liberal artsy state school University of Mary Washington was a hot spot of ironic Catholic women?  (Jousting with Baptists may foster the ironic Catholic edge.)  I know I've let the blog go a bit moribund, doing all that serious writing and such, but I hope adding some contributors to the ironic amusement will keep the posts coming more than once a week.

In my opinion, Regina can do whatever she wants here (well, short of organizing a political rebellion), but I see her doing ironic Catholicish op-ed pieces--kind of like the one coming up Monday morning.  Be there or be square.

p.s. I asked her whether she wanted an anonymous handle, and said Regina Hiney was plenty ironic enough.  I have no idea what she means by that.


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