Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Heavy-with-child mom, light posts

Just to explain--first, I haven't had the baby yet! The baby is due the first week in October, and if at all like my others kids, will be late. I'm working full time until October 2.

However, imagine--going back to work full time (actually, FT+) in order to get an 8 week leave when the baby is actually born has left me more than tired. Slightly catatonic, truth be told. It's been--well, occasionally OK but mostly hard--a lot of things are getting the shaft these days (cleaning, cooking, blogging). I'll try to post as I feel energized and inspired, but I'm sort of stumbling through these next few weeks, I think, saving what is left of my energy for new baby prep, being with my family, and work requirements. If you want updates, there are all kinds of options at left (Twitter, facebook, rss, email....).

I'm not too proud to ask for prayers for a safe and easy rest of the pregnancy and childbirth.

p.s. I have an article coming out in October. I'll try to post the link up here when it's live online. That means the IC identity revealed--woo hoo!

9 the midrash:

Keystone said...

"I'm not too proud to ask for prayers for a safe and easy rest of the pregnancy and childbirth."

The prayers will be said; the prayers will be answered.

I was wondering for just a tiny bit of information regarding that prayer. Have you chosen a name for this child? I believe we choose names, based on how we "like" the sound.

However, I believe that the Lord chooses all names, for all children belong to Him. They are only on loan to us, to teach them of Him. I believe we choose what we "like" for He has placed the "like" within our hearts, the same as a melody appeals to one, but not another.

Attaching that name to this child in prayer carries a deeper and more fervent appeal, for provision and protection.

It is not too early to pray about all aspects of this child's life.

And I will.
If you have a name, and find comfort in revealing it, please do.
I think the prayers will surprise you, and make a most fruitful mother, not just a fruitful month.
Blessings to you, either way.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Keystone, thank you for the very kind comments.

We believe the baby's name will be Matthew. I agree with you that the child's name can be revealed to the parents. This name has really floated to the top--despite not being on our top ten list of baby boy names. But I have suspicions why this name is the one.

Admittedly, my husband is saying that if the child is born on the feast of St. Francis (Oct 4), we're morally obligated to name him Francis. I'm saying maybe as a middle name. We'll see.

Thank you for the prayers.

Keystone said...

Matthew is an awesome choice!

I can find NO moral obligation to go with St. Francis on his feast day; it is precisely that...a feast day for him. Following that logic, there would be precisely 365 boys and 365 girls names in total (Leap Years excepted).

D-Day is an extraordinarily well known day, June 6th. Now of all the people you have met in your life, how many "Norberts" do you know? I would be surprised if it was two!

The name was important for a reason, and I am delighted you shared now. Long ago, I read a book (now out of print) called "Lord, Bless My Child" by Nancy Carmichael and her hubby, Michael.

Within the book are character traits to pray into any child, any time. These traits are given historical data, and then, biblical reference, and finally, ways to pray them into any child.

I have tossed the name of children in there, on scraps of paper (along with their birthdate as they change age every year and I can not recall all) and the paper is on the page of THEIR character trait.

When I come to that page, all those names are prayed for.

Further, the parents of the child, who will be a mate to your child one day, need prayer NOW, in order that they raise your son's future wife, in such a way, that the Lord is honored, an integral part of the marriage (not wedding if you note, but lifelong marriage), and that those parents train up their child in the way they should go.

God will handle ordaining their steps, together, to meet in due time.

We do our job; HE does his.

Advise the actual birthdate later, and I will sling it on the back of Matthew's name card in my book
(I have several copies now, loaded with names of children, some in their later stages of life).
They still remain Children, of God.

Peace and blessings to you.

Ephesians 1: 15-23 WOW!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Keystone, I should say...I think my hubby was mostly kidding about the "morally obligated" part. He's expressing his affection for St Francis (who is an awesome saint) and the near miracle it would be to actually deliver on my due date!

Peace and thanks again for the prayers.

Keystone said...

What a relief!
But I like Francis too.

My mom died May 2008, and I have 10 siblings still living out of 12 kids. Let me say they can be lax at tending gravesite at Calvary Cemetary, but I find deep peace almost every day going there.

Leaving, I take a separate route out. Recently, I found two of my sisters at mom's grave. I asked them if they knew of St. Francis in the cemetary. Both drew blanks.
(This after years of walking around in there!)
I had them follow me in my car.

A huge tree died and was chopped down. But perhaps two stories of trunk remained. Someone came with a chainsaw and tools and carved St. Francis out of that trunk.

You can count every rosary bead around his waist; his hairs; the birds on his shoulder carved in wood, and a magnificent crucifix on his chest where the beads are gathered. There is a squirrel carved on a "base" by his feet, and you can count each toe.

It is an awesome work of art!
All cemetaries should make saints out of trees, no longer able to be trees.

Next October, you can add a Francis and brag here!

Have a marvelous evening...and life. See you in heaven.
Revelations says there are four walls up there and each wall has three gates. When you get there, ask someone you see "Which way is East?" and walk that way til you hit the Eastern Wall. Go to the middle of the three gates. I'll meet you just inside the middle eastern gate of heaven.
All the fun people are meeting there. :)


Fr. Andrew said...

The identity of IC revealed!!! The anticipation is a burden that I fear I cannot bear.

Oh well.

I am praying for you and the wee one.

SherryTex said...

Prayers coming your way.

runningatlarge said...

I'm with you, due the first week in November, but I don't think I'll make it that far! Prayers to you and your little one.

CMinor said...

Well, thank goodness you didn't pick Jezreel or Melchizidek.

Just kidding! Will pray!