Thursday, November 19, 2009

...Only available on the Sony Praystation?

Cute, with a bit of a cringe factor thrown in:

So just how many directors of faith formation are looking at this and thinking, "Hmmm...they might just be on to something there...."

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DMinor said...

Its amazing how may folks bought the hoax on the first go, at least on youtube.

We put a few of our expansion pack suggestions on the minor premise (

I would include in an expansion pack:
- the cantor's microphone and "too-high arrangement" level
- the deluxe K of C spaghetti dinner sauce ladle controller
- feedback-prone squealing hearing aid (try to guess which parishoner has it)

Give my best to IC and newest ChIC

David said...


joel said...

I discovered today at the website that this is indeed a hoax. Click on any of the links on their webiste.

It's a marketing campaign for EA Game's Dante's Inferno which will release in Feb 2010.

I am a bit put off by this advertising tactic.

CMinor said...

I was just going to propose SIC go click on the peorder link at the website.

I must say, though, as a means of getting the attention of the gaming community, it seems to have been a masterstroke!

Itsjuls said...

If this were "real" they would actually be hitting on something that would be useful since so many of our Catechists have to contend with the technology of today and try to do it without causing those in the seats to be bored....
one thing I would suggest to the makers of this video is if you are going to do a spoof then at least have them use the proper hands when making the sign of the cross.... concept is good though! I would use one! ;o)

Brother Vito, OFMCap said...

Perhaps we should invest in that. Those kids have better "thurible action" going on than most guys I see during a Holy Hour.

Steve T. said...

Is scary. It makes a joke of the whole thing. Eeeek.