Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Letter Z Complains About Q's Prominence in Scriptural Studies

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New York City: The letter Z is miffed, or as he prefers to say, "ziffed".

"I always thought Q and I were friends," he said. "We're the couple in crime that Scrabble players cannot stand to find. Like Jesse James and Wild Bill or something. But since we started studying scripture...." His voice trailed off as he completely broke down.

The Scrabble board, taking Scriptural Studies 101 at RBCU* as a class, is encountering the Two-Source Hypothesis for the explanation of shared material in Matthew and Luke for the first time. The hypothesis argues that Matthew and Luke each worked from a copy of Mark and another unknown source, named by distinctively uncreative scripture scholars as "Q".

"Z isn't the only one jealous," admits the letter E. "U is pretty upset because they've been joined at the hip forever, but there isn't any fame and glory and intrique for U. J and X think they have been snubbed as well, although X admits that he gets more than his share of the glory in high school algebra. Me, I'm pretty mellow. That schwa sound the phoneticists attribute to me came out of my laid-back attitude. But the board is holding a lot of tension right now, no doubt about it."

Z refused to be continue the interview, but K did pipe in: "It isn't like Q is helping his cause. Preening about, demanding to be called 'the letter of revelation'...I haven't seen him this over the moon since someone spelled "kumquats" on the triple word score."

"We've been trying to console Z that he has a prominent spot in Scripture Studies as know, the Alpha and Omega in the Book of Revelation," moaned N. "He gets to be Jesus, while I'm in the middle of nowhere. But Z says it isn't the same, he's no Greek letter, doesn't want to step on Omega's toes...awkward at the Interlanguage Letter Conferences, you know."

Q could not be found for commentary.


*RBCU=Really Big Catholic University

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Theocoid said...

Had a good laugh at this, made that much more enjoyable since I'm thinking of doing a thesis on source theory.

Keystone said...

OK, so you are not the gal with Afghan eyes to warm all of Minnesota.

But this time, we gotcha!

With all of this letter flipping, tell us you are Vanna White.
Now THAT would be Ironic, eh?

DMinor said...

"Q could not be found for commentary"

ugggghh! I wish I'd thought of that!

Great post IC!

LarryD said...

...moaned N. "He gets to be Jesus, while I'm in the middle of nowhere.

Isn't H in the middle of nowhere?

Funny post, IC.

Roz said...

Tell Z just to wait. As soon as the class is ready to delve into the Old Testament, he'll gain prominence with Zechariah, Zephaniah and the whole gang.

Plus, lest it be forgotten, no one is sure whether "Q" ever really existed.

Maybe this is a developmental opportunity for Z and Q to just get over themselves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, made me smile.
How do you get to be so relevant though, played Scrabble for the first time in ages a just a few days ago and I also have to get on with some study of Scripture......