Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Bad assumptions:

1.  That any child of yours will go down for a nap, no matter how tired YOU are.  (see: Murphy's Law)
2.  Everyone cares about the presidential election.  (I'm voting the Communion of Saints ticket.)
3.  Teachers will get their syllabi done before the first day of class.  (I had a prospective student email me requesting one for consideration.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I pretended I didn't see that.)
4.  Things ever stay the same.  (See St. Teresa of Avila's Nada Te Turbe)
5.  Those green tomatoes are going to ripen.  (grrrrrr.  Watched tomatoes never ripen, like pots never boil.)
6.  You will get eight or more hours of sleep tonight.  (HAHAHAHAHA! zzz.)
7.  You know everything about theology.  (Sigh)
8.  You have finished shopping for the kids' school supply lists.  (there's a post coming on that, probably right after I finish hunting for the last four items)
9.  Your kids will eat pattypan squash even if drenched in butter and cottage cheese and croutons and baked.
10.  That the price of gas/food/electricity is going to go down.  Or conversely, that your house value will go up.

Good assumption:

1. Mary!

Assumpta est Maria

 Blessed Feast day!


Michelle said...

Red pencils...always on the list, never in stock (?!). Protractors...always on the list, never used.

Prayers for sleep and syllabi!

Teresa said...

Most assumptions get you into trouble. At least one Assumption is heavenly though, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. God Bless.