Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cool Things To Give Up During Lent (updated)

Tired of giving up chocolate? Want to go radical? Try something new for your penance and give up one or all of these useless items:
  1. "The rat race"
  2. TV
  3. Fear
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Meat (the whole season...if you're a carnivore to begin with)
  6. Road rage
  7. Make-up
  8. Shoes (go discalced)
  9. Gossip
  10. Stress


Andie said...

I gave up meat for three years in a row. The first two years, it was pretty challenging, but the third year it was pretty easy (which bewildered me, since my love of meat had not lessened). Last year I gave up dairy, and it was far tougher than giving up meat, probably because I will devour with great zeal and joy any and all dairy products placed before me -- assuming the sell-by date hasn't passed.

Good list! Thanks for continuing to be awesome.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

I gave up TV one year. It was hard. It got harder when we invaded Iraq during Lent that year. If you have a habit of turning the TV on whenever you walk into a certain room, I recommend you unplug those.
It used to take several times of pushing the button ineffectually before I remember, "Oh yeah, I gave up TV."

nissa-amas-katoj said...

Perhaps with the modern obesity epidemic one ought to be giving up vegetarian foods rather than meat since gaining weight during a strict Lenten fast might be embarrassing. :)

Another Lenten sacrifice I recommend to all: give up saying negative things about other people. Of course if this becomes widespread, politicians and newsmen will have to take the next few weeks off.

Jenny from Chicago said...

I always give up sweets...which makes me mean.

By the way, you've been tagged.

Meredith Gould said...

I was going to give up gossip the year after I gave up vengeance. But then research came out about how gossip (like chocolate) is good for women, so I decided not to put my health in jeopardy.

Tim said...

I think the pope may be playing with fire! If you rearrange the letters of Fanta they spell Fatan, which isn't Satan, but it's pretty close, so I figure it's probably like, you know, a near occasion of sin!

Obviously, I haven't given up posting silly comments for Lent...but maybe I should.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

We gave up TV pretty much altogether; its helped my anxiety level and saved us $117 a month in sattelite/phone costs. Bonus! I can now navigate the Breviary without confusion.

brandy101 said...

I gave up COFFEE (and plan to also eschew wine/alcohol, but I don't drink often enough to have 'sacrificed" yet.)

I love Starbucks or Panera as a treat a few times a week, so I thought I could both "detox" my bod and give my treat money as alms each week.

I started with the no-coffee yesterday just to make sure I *could" do it. I had to sip 1/3 of a diet coke due to headaches but I made it! No headaches today so far, and my only caffeine was from a cup of earl grey tea.

Rufus McCain said...

I love the idea of giving up shoes. I think Lickona should consider that. It would nicely complement his hair pledge thing.

Anonymous said...

11. In-laws

adoro said...

I'm giving up sin. I've just decided I'm not going to sin anymore so I can be a Saint by Easter.

Of course, during Ash Wednesday Mass, I counted several sins....during MASS! This is going to be really hard....


Allen said...

My sister told me that she's giving up recreational drugs for Lent. And, no, she doesn't use them.

angelmeg said...

I gave up worrying one Lent, best lent I ever had. Every time I started to worry I had to stop because I had given it up for Lent. By the end of lent I was cured of my need to worry about anything.

This year I tried to give up being judgmental but after three days I had to ammend that to being aware of when I am judgmental and praying for forgivness and the grace to change at that moment ( I am praying constantly, which might turn out not to be a bad thing, but presently is making me a bit sad).

This is going to be a long lent.

Jeff said...

I'm giving up facebook :)

although I will probably have to like rig my computer to block myself from going there haha

giving up shoes is awesome haha

Fred said...

I'm going to be giving up all beverages except water and donating the money I would have spent on them to help provide clean water for folks who don't have it in Africa.

Jake said...

Steak :L

twistedvixen said...

It may sound stupid, but I gave up cursing for lent. Much more difficult than I thought it would me.

My only suggestion for those giving up something for lent is to replace it with something that will bring you closer to God. I attend more charity events, go to 2 more masses during the week and say the rosary every night.

Kathleen said...

If you don't usually wear makeup, you might consider applying mascara every morning while praying to see with God's eyes, and using lipstick regularly with the prayer that God purify your lips and make them holy.

That was an interesting exercise for me one lent when my self-image was particularly out of whack.

This lent I'm planning to give up internet and computer between 12 and 3. I've been doing it Fridays for the past year and it's not easy.

The Merry said...

Giving up gossip was a hard one... had to avoid some co-workers all Lent.
Even harder was giving up judging the [word censored]s when they cut me off in traffic. I think the best way to give that up is to stop driving a car at all until Easter.
Who knew six weeks could hold so much challenge?

linda said...

wow i gave up all vanity. that means no mirrors of corse, i cant ask ohters how i look, i cant do my make up exept for maskar witch is pritty hard to do with out a mirror. i chose 6 outfits and one for church. i also picked 2 pairs of shews, one for church and one for shcool(high school girl!!!!! witch makes this a verrry hard thing)i think the worst part of this is the bathrooms because the mirrors are like right infront of your face and i feel weird jsut looking at my hands walking from the stall forwaaard to the sink.

i gave this up because i feel to self concious of what people think of me and im kinda vain so becoming totaly chilaxed about myself for 40 days i think could help. god made me the way i am and i should love and be thankfull for gods creaation.

Emma said...

I'm giving up TV for lent as I watch it to much so its gonna be verry verry hard i have to keep reminding myself
giving things up for lent is realy good as it develops your self control and helps you focus on god

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I gave up all alcoholic beverages. That was a challenge since my husband is a wino and we're big fans of happy hour. The experience was a huge eye opener. I realized how the pressure to drink is everywhere, and I got a taste of the tremendous struggle alcoholics face trying to stay dry.