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Online reviews!  (If you reviewed the book and would like it to appear here, let me know via email at ironiccatholic at yahoo dot com.)

Jeff Miller (The Curt Jester)  "I think I had a grin through out reading this along with accompanying bursts of laughter....When it comes to humor the truer something is the funnier it can be. This collection is quite funny in a entertaining way while at the same time providing theological correct answers."

LarryD (Acts of the Apostasy)  "Her blog is everything mine aspires to be - alternating between intelligently witty and wittily intelligent, completely faithful to the Church." [blush]

Tim Mason (Yellow Blog Journalism)   "Each letter has the feel of authenticity with a very human touch where you learn that some saints do not suffer fools lightly while others are more willing to play along. In the end, all the saints point to the greater lesson that should be learned from questions such as "Why did God create Jellyfish" and my favorite, "I'm Having Problems Cooking This Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Help"....  If you have a dog-eared copy of Saints Behaving Badly on your bookshelf, this is for you."

Nancy Piccione (The Catholic Post/Peoria Book Group blog)  An interview about the blogger, the blog and (at the end) the book.

Also a bunch of reviews at Smashwords.

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