Monday, September 19, 2011

Psalm 23: New Revised Piratical Version

Avast, me mateys in Christ Jesus! I order ye landlubbers t' share yer bonniest scripture verse in Pirate.

Yer New Revised Piratical Version o' the Holy Bible exists, right sure, but only in t' buried treasure o' yer humble blogwench's mind. Post yer own verse on yer scurvy blog, and tell me in t' bilge deck (comments), and I be postin' yer NRPV verse link on this here post at noonday an' sundown. Yo, ye facebook an' twitter lands, POST ON ME BLOG. An' ye needin' help, ye look a' this here speakin' pirate thing.

Ahem. Clearing t' hardtack from me throat. Psalm 23:

The LORD be me cap'n,
I shan't want grog, wenches, doubloons, nothin'.
He makes me lie down in green ports o'call,
he leads me on quiet waters,
he refreshes me soul.
He guides me along th' starboard paths
fer his name’s sake.
E'en tho I keel haul
through th' whip sea o' Davy Jones' locker,
I will fear nay evil,
fer ye be wi' me;
yer sails an' yer rudder,
they comfort me.

Ye prepare a table before me
in th' presence o' me enemies.
Ye anoint me hade wi' oil;
me mug overflows.
Surely yer goodness an' love will follow me
all th' days o' me life,
an' I will dwell in th' Brig o' th' LORD


Lookin' fer t' yarn of F'thr Pete? Aye, tis here.

3 the midrash:

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

In ye home port was Ye Oath, and Ye Oath with Ye Capt'n, and the Oath was Capt'n. (John 1)

LarryD said...

Aaarrrr!! You so stole my idea...

Great job!

The Ironic Catholic said...

LarryD--was I in your head again? Sorry about that! ;)

Archangel--I love that!