Monday, December 05, 2011

Understanding Christian Art: There's an app for that

(Question: Is this a group of people at a Renaissance Faire playing poker, or a deep piece of Christian art? Flummoxed?)

...Here she comes to save the day! An art interpretation app created by my cool friend Eileen!

Eileen has a doctorate in Religious Education and Art; she knoweth her stuff. She's created an app for IPhone and Android which will be the best thing you can do for yourself after you use IConfess. It's called art/y/fact.Xn . The blurb:
art/y/fact.Xn is a tool for interpreting and meditating with Christian art. What is the difference between one painting of the Crucifixion and another? Users will be able to figure this out for themselves with the aid of this app. Christian artworks are found in museums, churches, books, magazines and web sites but often users are at a loss to understand the rich meanings of these works. The app offers interpretive tools for artworks about Jesus, Mary, other figures and stories from the Bible, Saints, Angels and Demons. The 100+ articles about themes common in Christian art include Basic Info, a list of What to Look For, and questions that guide General, Personal, and Historical Interpretations of the artworks. In addition, the app provides tools from the worlds of art, history, and theology to help the user dig deeper into the meaning of an artwork. Because a user sometimes wants an inner experience of Christian art, the app also contains six audio meditations. The user selects an artwork to meditate with, plugs in their ear buds, and chooses a meditation that connects to their experience of the artwork chosen. The app is for Christians and anyone else who wants a richer experience of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art, or the Christian art of any other period.
Listen, I know Eileen and have heard her present on this many times...this will be fantastic. I urge you to give it a try; I'd review it if I actually had a smart phone (how very luddite of me, I know). Be the first of your friends on the block to have this; it's only $1.99.

Android version.
ITunes version.

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Christian Mathis said...

I got the app after reading your post. It is very good.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Good to hear! I'll pass that to Eileen!