Friday, March 02, 2012

100 pennies each...

Blogger friend Matthew Lickona at Korrektiv has been sitting on a provocative graphic fantasy novel on Alphonse, an aborted fetus who lives with freaky super human powers and goes on a tear for revenge (yes, really). I've read parts of this--it is VERY well presented and thought-provoking (in addition to being bizarre, but in a good way). He's on a campaign for 40,000 people donating a dollar to get it published.

I would want to support this because it is fine writing--very disturbing, enlightening, eloquent at once. But people, think about the underlying message here. This would be getting Catholic-themed literature in the hands of people who usually don't see a life message. There are multiple reason this is worth you 100 pennies.

Please consider it and share; he needs the word to get out for this to work!

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