Saturday, May 26, 2012


Jennifer here, guest posting for Susan who is currently just hours away from meeting Alex!


On behalf of Susan and Vera, thank you so very much for all of the generous contributions made to help bring Harper home.  We were hopeful in the beginning, but stunned and humbled by the amazing generosity of so many people on behalf of one little girl.  In donating, you became HIS hands and feet, you did "for the least of these," and when there is news on Harper's homecoming, I know Susan will share that here.  (Because, I for one, cannot wait to see a picture of that little cutie smiling!)

AND - on behalf of the Jenks' family - thank you to those who contributed to their fund in this last week.  They, too, are now nearly fully funded!

Here's the lowdown:

Winners received entry number(s) based on the order in which Susan received comments detailing donations/share.  Using that list of entries, I created a "randomized sequence of integers" at

IF YOU ARE A WINNER - I will send e-mails to all winners - except "Patrick" - I only have a blog address for "Patrick!"  If I have your prize in my possession, I will ask for your address.  If I do not have your prize in my possession, I will forward to you the name of the donor so that you can contact them directly.

IF YOU ARE A PRIZE DONOR - I will be putting winners in touch with you ASAP.

$50 Kohl's giftcard
WON BY - Thelma Crutchfield

$50 Tiffany's "gift coin" good for merchandise at a Tiffany's store
WON BY - Chad and Kathy Myers

$25 Barnes and Noble giftcard
WON BY - Kyla

$25 Amazon giftcard
WON BY - Carol Miller

$25 Scentsy giftcard
WON BY - Patrick

$25 Subway giftcard
WON BY - Chad and Kathy Myers

$25 Applebees giftcard
WON BY - Brenda LeJeune

$5 Potbelly (restaurant) giftcard
WON BY - Kimberlie and Paul Meyer

Julie Davis' Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life
WON BY - Anne A

Mark Shea's The Work of Mercy: Being the Heart and Hands of Christ
WON BY - Brandon Vogt

Style, Sex, and Substance: Ten Catholic Women Consider the Things That Really Matter
WON BY - Patrick

Why Is There A Menorah on the Altar? Jewish Roots of Christian Worship by Meredith Gould
WON BY - Anne A

Marcel LeJeune's Set Free To Love: Lives Changed By The Theology of the Body
WON BY - Thelma Crutchfield

Jonathan Potter's House of Words
WON BY - Hilary Sloutsky

Brandon Vogt's The Church and the New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet
WON BY - Jenn E

Mary DeTurris Poust's Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship
WON BY - Patrick

Amy Welborn's Wish You Were Here: Travels Through Loss and Hope
WON BY - Carol Miller

The Ironic Catholic's Dear Communion of Saints: amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians
WON BY - Jim

The Tall Tales of the Tenacious Tomboy by Regina Bradley
WON BY - Michele and Michael Fernandez

Five (5!) Interpreting Christian Art apps. Called "art/y/fact.Xn," and reviewed here by Sarah Reinhard
WON BY - Nate Eberle

Pinback button set: Vote St Catherine of Siena '12, Vote Augustine '12, and I Support The Communion of Saints Ticket "political buttons".
WON BY - Alexis Wesley

Roshen Chocolates
WON BY - Chris Lee

Lia Sophia "Fairytale" necklace and earring set
WON BY - Anne A

$15 credit toward Wiehl of Faith Jewelry, item(s) shipped free. Winner chooses from selections, which can be seen here.
WON BY - Nate Eberle

Three handcrafted Italian millefiori glass bead bracelets, win as a set
WON BY - Chris Lee

A FRAMED print: Kissing the Face of God
WON BY - Michele and Michael Fernandez

Two 8x10 photographic prints, suitable for framing, by Life Through the Looking Glass Photography
WON BY -  Cory Fuller

A baby layette and baby girl outfit, new with tags, 6-9 months old
WON BY - Jessa Barniol

Lace stitch neckwarmer, handcrafted of Merino wool
WON BY - Cory Fuller

Lace stitch scarf, handcrafted of Merino wool
WON BY - Thelma Crutchfield

Thirty-one organizing utility tote in "Circle Spirals" pattern
WON BY - Benjamin Baxter

Handcrafted brown and burnt orange curly scarf
WON BY - Benjamin Baxter

Four sets of Bath and Body Works lotions, scents, and soaps

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom: shower gel, lotion, body spray.WON BY - Kimberlie and Paul Meyer
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla: lotion, shower gel, body cream. WON BY - Beth Klein
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar: body cream, lotion, shower gel. WON BY - Therese Zimmerman
  • Dark Kiss: body cream, lotion, body spray.WON BY - Carmen Santamaria
A free handcrafted rosary of your choice from Roses for Mary
WON BY - Chris Lee

A variety of Holy Cards from Harper's home country
WON BY - Benjamin Baxter

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