Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Divine irony at work

Forgot to mention one insanely ironic comment on our travels abroad:

We were worried about coming home.  Kiev to Minnesota, two connections, car rides, you name it.  With a new child who was at the time kind of freaking out--and too small (and disabled) to sit in an airline seat well, so we had to hold him, which he didn't like, AND he tended to throw whatever he could get his hands on forward into people's faces...I'm going to spare you the details but we were intensely worried that we would never be allowed on a plane again and would traumatize the rest of the passengers.  So we prayed, and asked others to pray, as they never had before for divine intervention for an OK flight for our little one (and us, and other passengers).

We nervously got on our "big leg" of the journey--a 9 hr flight from Munich to Chicago.  First, bulkhead seats, thank God!!!  (Nipped that throwing issue, mostly!)  Next, a nun in full habit came and sat next to us.  Finally, the rows behind us were filled with pilgrims returning from Medjugorje.  (We know because one nice lady tried to evangelize us.)

Now THAT'S divine irony at work.


JP said...


Christine Falk Dalessio said...

So great... How good is the good God?! Had to share this with my hubby. Congratulations on your new son, and God's graces in the days to come :)

s-p said...

Wow! Very awesome indeed!

Fran said...

I am laughing so hard! Wow, God leaves nothing to chance, does God?

Brilliant, divinely, ironically brilliant!