Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Psalm 42, New Revised Pirate Version

(Ahoy, me hearties! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!)

Psalm 42

To a pirate marooned, or facing th' Cat O Nine Tails.

1 As th' jolly roger longs fer streams o' water,
so me soul thirsts pants fer ye, me God.
2 Me soul thirsts fer God, fer th' liv'n God.
When can I go an' rendezvous wi' God?
3 Me tears have b'n me burgoo day an' night,
while people say t' me all day long, “Where be your bleedin' God, bucko?”
4 These things I remember as I pour out me soul:
how I used t' go t' th' brigantine o' God under th' protection o' th' Almighty Buccaneer
wi' shouts o' joy an' praise among th' festive mateys.
 5 Why, me soul, be ye downcast? Why drowned in bilge within me?
 Put yer hope in God, matey, fer I will yet praise Him, me Sailor an' me God.
 6 Me soul be downcast within me; therefore I will reakon you from th' sea o' Galilee,
th' ports o' Holy call.
7 Deep calls t' blistering deep in th' roar o' your waterfalls;
all yer waves and breakers have swept over me ship like a storm at yer sea.
8 By day th' Lord directs his fair winds, at night his pennywhistle be wi' me—
a prayer t' th' God o' me life on the holy account.
 9 I say t' God me Rock, “Why hast ye forgotten me?
Why must I go bout mourn'n, oppressed by th' landlubbers?”
10 Me bones suffer the Davies as me foes take a cutlass to me,
say'n t' me all day blitheringly long, “Where be your God?”
 11 Why, me soul, be ye downcast? Why so unseaworthily disturbed within me? Put yer hope in God, fer I will yet swab His holy deck, me Sailor an' me God.


(If ye be going piratical on ye landlubbin' blog, give me ye link and a cup o grog and I be linkin' to it here.)
  • It Came From Allen's Brain: The Gospel of Melvin, Piratical Version 
  • Acts o' th' Apostasy's Cap'n Morgan an' Piratical Church Hymns (and I'd be commenting on thar fine work if Wordpress weren't a landlubbin' scallywag of a blogging plank, making me walk it ev'ry time)


LarryD said...

Aye, tis be a good psalm. Arrrrmen.

Allen's Brain said...

"Me Sailor and me God," "Mighty Buccaneer," and Aarrrmen": Ho-ho, says I!
And Thankee fer th' linkage!

Morgan Creed said...

Arr, here be my link to you, me fine lassie:

The Ironic Catholic said...

Cap'n Morgan, I canna comment on ye bleedin Wordpress blog (arrrrrrrrg), but I want t' say: fine scribbin, lad.

cminor said...

Hey IC, don't know if anybody else has this problem (and it's probably my Internet Explorer) but the Scoop It box is covering several lines of the Psalm.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Huh. I didn't even know there was a scoop it box--I didn't add that to the blog. Maybe its a feature of IE you accidentally tapped into?

cminor said...

Could be. Nice of them to set it up with the name of the page you're on so it looks like another sidebar feature. I'll have to study ways of getting rid of it. At least I can now read the whole Psalm as it's moved down below it.