Monday, February 04, 2013

Op-Ed: An Ode to Ordinary Time

Wow, I don't know about you all, but I was just so grateful to see the gold and white decor come down at Church.  Creche packed away, needled trees in the chipper, poinsettias dead and composted, Christmas music in the dusty back files.  I just feel so...relaxed, entering fully into ordinary time.

I mean, that green.  So soothing, so reverent to growth and life (which is really nice when it is about 10 degrees and icy outside).  Those psalm responses are so ritually reinforcing, so blessedly known, so focused on the everyday life with God.  Then: just the necessary candles, no extra bells and whistles.  And we've been reading the Letter to the Hebrews at daily masses.  How theologically awesome is that?  I mean, those brief birth narratives are short and get kind of milked for six weeks.  Hebrews is the seven course meal of New Testament letters.  I can listen to it all day and chew it like cud.  And its nice that the church bulletin is a pamphlet right now--not a small novel like those we got in advent.

I'm just so grateful we're here for a while, you know?  Resting with the Son.  Held in the Spirit.  It's just so nice to focus on the readings and not the 80 events occurring in the parish this week.  It's like a beautiful, peaceful oasis that lets me just "be".  I'm so glad to be here in this liturgical place where I am Mary of Bethany, able to focus, sit in tranquility, absorb like a sponge....







$%^*^(&*%^. I'm off to Target to buy some fish sticks.


Anonymous said...

Where we live, the Hot Cross buns came out on Boxing Day, and the Easter eggs weren't far behind. It's all very confusing, but I do have some very cheap salmon in the freezer. (Fish fingers for the kids). And the poor Kurds who run the fish and chip shop have not a clue what is going on. Jes.

Roz said...

I loved your opening, then the photo sprang out and yelled "Boo!" Oh, well played, IC.

I'm excited about the approach of Ash Wednesday. I have the feeling God wants to do some serious plowing around here, and I know I need it.

By the way, Wendy's serves a rocking fish sandwich during Lent.

Meredith Gould said...


Red Cardigan said...

Love this!

And my husband agrees completely. He has long said that Ordinary Time is his favorite liturgical season.