Friday, February 22, 2013

We Mourn In Our Own Ways: The Pope Beer

Alas, this appears to no longer be for sale.  But if we beg them?  One last round?

"Holy wine is so last papacy. ...

'We consider it to be our obligation to appreciate the election of a Bavarian Pope in a Bavarian way,' says brewery Weideneder Bräu, which is local to where young Joe Ratzinger grew up. 'The Pope’s Beer is a festival beer of highest quality containing only exquisite raw materials, presenting a mild character and a light colour, brewed strictly in accordance with the German beer purity law.' Well... er... amen to that."

HT Ship O Fools.


Ann said...

At least we still have "Pope's Blue Ribbon", aka Pabst :)

Tom said...

Think about what could happen to the Theology on Tap program with this!

Esther Ong said...

hehe that's so cool! :P

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