Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam And Ironic (But Loving) Observations

Habemus Papam!
First, I am thrilled, joyous, and beyond happy that we have Pope Francis for about 1,000 reasons.  You haven't seen me bouncing around my office and home today, so trust me on this.  I look forward to seeing him work as the Vicar of Christ.  By all means, let's pray for this man!

But of course, there are a few joyfully ironic comments the occasion yields as well:
  • Oh my gosh the man is a miracle worker. He reconciled Franciscans and Jesuits on the first day in his ministry.
  • Given his penchant for public transportation, the Popemobile will now become the Popebus.
  • From Kevin Koulopoulos on fb:  "Plot twist: His first order of papal business is to turn the entirety of Vatican City into a university."
  • Upon hearing the name proclaimed, the entire staff at Jesuit-run America Magazine fell to a dead faint.*
  • From Thomas McDonald on fb, riffing off Francis' famous locution: Francis, rebuild my website.
  • Let's see: first developing world Pope, first Pope of the Americas, first Jesuit, first "new" name since 913 AD.  It's amazing they didn't choose purple smoke instead of white, just to shake it up a bit more.
  • I was out in our campus hallway giving students high fives.  I may need to rein it in. 

 What a great day!

*Look, I have published in America. I usually like it. This isn't a slam against them at all, just...who expected a Jesuit Pope?

Last but not least, from Catholic Memes:



Meredith Gould said...

I'm thrilled, stunned, and feeling hopeful for the first time in years. Also, cried.

Ann said...

I can just see John Paul II peering down and smiling. "I knew you'd do well, friend Jorge."

Audio Bible said...

This post made me smile. Love the humor.