Friday, August 09, 2013

Pope Francis Stops By Local Blogger's Computer Station, Chats

 After reading the latest act of Pope Francis:

"Buona sera, daughter.  How are you doing?"

"Jerry, I'm brainstorming.  And where did you get that outfit? And accent?"

"No, I'm Pope Francis.  I just hopped off the bus; it got a little off track.  Where am I, now?"

"Minnesota.  The United States.  Um, you're really the Holy Father?"

"Could I fake the Swiss Guard over there?"

"Oh My Gosh!  Can I...shake your hand?  Kiss your ring?  Offer you a drink?"

"No, no, I'll stop by the coffee shop later and pick up a decaf.  Daughter, I have one question for you.  How's your work?"

"This work?  You mean blogging?  Well, it's...OK...I mean it doesn't pay but I'm happy to do it."

"Do they treat you alright?  How's the computer chair?  The laptop giving you trouble?  Are you offering it to God?"

"Ummmmm.  Well, I work for myself in this, Holy Father, and the commenters are usually too kind.  The chair is fine.  You know, my laptop may be possessed though.  Is that possible?"

"Not really, my daughter, it's a piece of hardware.  Well, I'm afraid I must go find a bus back to Vatican.  I just wanted to check in.  I know keeping up that Twitter account of mine is challenging enough.  It's a challenge, just put your faith in God and work with a generous heart." 

"Wait!  Wait!  I should ask you something theological...oh forget it.  But Holy Father--could you bless my kids?"

"Claro.  But how about you?"


(Well, a woman can daydream....)

Next: Pope Francis, using the handle Pontifex, moves into an NFP online chatroom to just say hi.


Panda Rosa said...

Nice, it is the sort of thing Pope Francis would say. (of course Pope Benedict would be just as polite).

Allen's Brain said...

Decaf?! Heresy!
"Decaf is a work of darkness, for it takes something which God created, saying, 'It is good,' and perverting it by subverting it's very nature and eliminating the blessing contained therein!" St Espressus of Java