Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Publication news! Theology of the Body, Extended: to be published summer 2014

Everyone, you may not realize it from this blog, but I have another life.  That is, I'm an academic theologian at a Catholic university (gasp).

So firmly wearing that hat, I have news!  A book I have been researching and writing for two years is getting published.  It is titled Theology of the Body, Extended: the Spiritual Signs of Childbirth, Impairment, and Dying.  It takes the first half of the 1979-84 audiences delivered by John Paul II and presents the potential of that understanding of the human being as sign in other defining life events: giving birth, living with impairment (disability, injury, or illness), and the dying process.  The book is getting published by Lectio Publishing, a new Catholic academic press, this summer 2014.  (And I shared some of my self-rejected lines from the rough draft--too ironic and flippant for prime time--here.)

More here.  If you're interested, add the book blog (with ToB reflections, clips from the manuscript, reviews of other books) to your blogroll or feed, and feel free put yourself on the email list (which I promise to use sparingly: announcements of publication dates, sales, etc.).  Thanks all!

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