Monday, April 21, 2014

Huh. I wrote a (serious) book! And you can win it!

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Happy Easter to everyone!

(Ironic Catholic readers may have wondered why my posting has been sporadic in the past year.  There is indeed a reason: I have been writing a book!  And it's not ironic at all, which was a bit of a change up.)

And so...Theology of the Body, Extended: The Spiritual Signs of Birth, Impairment, and Dying, the paperback version, is hereby released and for sale!

There are ways you can buy the book, of course.  You can buy it through Lectio Publishing (and read a one chapter excerpt to boot), you can buy it through Amazon, and while supplies last, US and Canadian residents can buy it through me!  Check the "buy the book" tab on the book website.  And thank you!

However, you also have the opportunity to win a copy.  All you have to do is announce the book release to your friends on facebook and/or through twitter and/or through Google +.  Here's the thing: you need to do it by the end of the day, Tuesday, April 22.

(If you buy a copy through me and then win a copy, I can simply refund your money, so go ahead and try!)

Those playing to win a copy, please make your entries through the Rafflecopter widget below:

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And thank you so very much for your support. Blessings this Easter octave!

p.s. If you are interested, there is an ebook version coming...expect it in mid-May on ITunes.  In other words, watch this space!


Meredith Gould said...

Major congratulations on your new book. God knows (and so do I) what it takes to write one. Blessings!

Sherry Antonetti said...

Congratulations on your book, I'm looking forward to it!