Thursday, June 09, 2011

A New (and Old) IC book!

No, I haven't melted away in the record breaking heat of Minnesota (which blew away yesterday and this morning it was 50 degrees cooler. Weird.).

I have, among many other things, been putting the polishing touches on two projects: one ready now and the other by the end of the week (knock on wood):

1. Available now! Dear Communion of Saints: amusingly apt advice for foolish Christians is available as a Kindle book at Amazon! While ebooks don't have a warm, fuzzy spot in my heart, they do to many...and you have to admit it is cheap for fun summer reading. DCOS is also available at Amazon as a paperback.

2. Available very, very, very soon, NEW BOOK: Felon Blames 1970s Church Architecture for Life of Sin: The Ironic Catholic News, Vol. I. as an ebook through Smashwords and Kindle, available online everywhere where ebooks are sold. This is part of a three volume ebook series that will be put together as a hefty paperback. I'd like to title that The Summa Ironicologiae, but that's probably too obscure to make sense.

So wait for the announcement, and if you'd like to read Dear Communion of Saints, you can buy it now at Amazon or buy any other ebook format at Smashwords. if you're not sure, there are a slew of reviews to convince you, esp. at Smashwords and also here on the blog.

Peace, IC

1 the midrash:

Steve T. said...

I will buy your book on Kindle and post on your blog ONLY if you begin to comment on my blog. Call it Sancta Reciprocata. Or some such. :-D