Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Luther's "Here I Stand" Socks...For Sale

1. With all apologies to my Lutheran brothers and sisters: while this catapults you into a real race with the Catholics for kitsch, we will crush you like grapes in this arena.  

2. Pink?

3. What happens if you sit down wearing these socks?  Do they self-destruct like Mission Impossible?

4. As the website says, Luther probably didn't actually say these words.  Darned humorless scholars.

HT: Ship O' Fools.  (And you have to love a website that rates the chances of rapture on a daily basis.  Today, 81%.  Although maybe that's the humidity.)


Katie O'Keefe said...

I. LOVE. THESE. SOCKS. I would so totally wear them, Lutheran or not.

ksam said...

LMAO!! Oh I would soooo wear them!! After all as a former Lutheran...what else could I do!