Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Statue Martyr's Garden, A True Story

(May 2013.)
Our garden's St. Francis statue, long in years, lost its head in a toddler incident.

We had a moment of existential puzzlement and grieving (plus creative head placement, above).  

Then a friend mentioned we now have a St. John the Baptist statue!

So this summer, we have "the blood of the statue martyrs is the seed of the garden" statue.

(Sorry.  But the garden has picked up quite a bit since that incident.)


The Ironic Catholic said...

I expect the hordes to arrive any time.

Angela Sealana said...

Haha! This is such a great story and photo. said...

That is hilarious. Nothing like a toddler to wreak a little havoc!

We are in a somewhat similar situation: we have a crucified Christ that is missing an arm. I accidentally knocked it off the wall when I was coming through the door with my arms full of my kids' stuff. Family life is tough on religious statuary.

Anonymous said...

This happened at my dad's house as well... at one point the head was up in a tree.

Christi H said...

I was at a friends house and she noticed me looking at a backyard statue of Mary that had no head.
"I know, I know. But we havent gotten rid of it because we still have the head, we are going to glue it on someday."
"Head? She is the Queen of Heaven, I thought she was merely in union with the sainfs, you know? 'Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs!' "