Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remember Tori?

New picture of Tori, February 2011!
Remember when I was being a royal pain in the tuckus all October blegging for Tori, the five year old with CP in an institution in Eastern Europe? Remember she got fully funded ($23000!) in 16 days? Remember her adoptive parents stepped up the hour before the fully funded figure was announced?

Her (new!) parents, a couple from Texas with five other children, just adopted her (and another little girl with Down Syndrome!). They had their court date in the Eastern European country yesterday and after a 10 day wait, Tori--to be renamed Reagan Faith--will go to her new home in Texas.

We won! The culture of life won! Reagan's parents won! and Reagan won!

Thank you for helping this happen. Money is the only thing standing between these special needs children and a family. Unfortunately, the alternative for many of them is either an early death or a living death in understaffed institutions for orphans with special needs.

Old pic of Anthony, from 2009
I bleg again to ask you to help Anthony, who has a substantial grant for an adoptive family, and for whom time is running short. Yes, he needs money, but mostly, he needs a family to step up right now. Andrea at the amazing Reece's Rainbow sent me a new picture of Anthony yesterday, and the poor child does not look happy--but then again, I'm not sure he has a lot to be happy about. He deserves a family who loves him just the way he is. We are still trying to advocate for Anthony at this website.

FYI--the inevitable question--some of you know we are trying to adopt. We're still trying to get financial pieces in order and may not be able to get that in place in time to help Anthony. And we're still discerning if we're the family for Anthony as well--Anthony has significant CP and we have a house that is not built for that at all, so that is part of our financial equation as well. But I am sure God wants Anthony to be in a family--somebody's family.

Regular people like you and me do make a difference. Please spread the word, please pray, and consider helping yourself. Thank you!

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